A jewellery spectacular 2023: Why Yellow Diamond Jewelry Is Popular?

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Treasured, rare and always adding sparkle into our lives, diamonds will never fall out of fashion.

Life’s most endearing moments – engagements, birthdays and anniversaries – are celebrated with diamonds. But most people believe that a diamond with color is an inferior jewel.

Not so, according to Ross-Simons Jewelers. On the contrary, colored diamonds are some of the most precious stones around.

Jennifer Lopez’s 6-carat fancy pink engagement ring and Paris Hilton’s 24-carat, $5 million fancy yellow engagement ring are credited with bringing colored diamonds back into the spotlight.

Like Hilton and Lopez, many women yearn to set themselves apart from everyone else. The rarity of fancy yellow diamonds – only 2 percent to 3 percent of diamonds mined in the world are considered “fancy yellow” – makes them popular among women who want to make a statement with their stones.

Mined mainly in Africa and South America, yellow diamonds are classified in order of price and rarity, beginning with fancy light and going up to fancy yellow, then fancy intense and finally, vivid – the rarest of them all.

But yellow diamonds can easily lose their luster with improper cutting and polishing. Whereas it would take a skilled diamond cutter two days to cut a 2-carat brilliant white diamond, it would take him or her two weeks to cut a fancy yellow diamond.

Knowing how to distinguish a quality yellow diamond is important when making a purchase. Here are some tips from Ross-Simons.

1. Make sure the diamond is certified. The certificate should say “natural.” Otherwise you may be buying a diamond that has been treated to look yellow.

2. Look for an intensity of color. The certificate should also say “even.” This guarantees an evenness of color throughout the stone and is evidence of a higher quality diamond.

3. Stick to complementary settings; 18-karat yellow gold is best for enhancing the natural intensity of the yellow diamond.

Yellow Diamonds are cherished gem stones for their gorgeous color, exotic appearance and mystic power. Which diamond rings look best with yellow diamonds? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

If you havent seen fancy yellow diamond rings lately, youre in for a treat. The new diamond rings designs with fancy yellow diamonds are fashionable and alluring.

Want to impress people at a party? Wear yellow diamond jewelry such as elegant yellow diamond earrings or a yellow diamond pendant, or earrings, etc. . Yellow diamonds are more versatile than other colored diamonds.

Compared to other fancy colored diamonds, yellow diamonds are mellow jewelry they dont shout Look at me! like other fancy colored diamonds and are loyal to their owners.

Whereas a fancy green diamond is green with envy over your lover, a fancy yellow diamond will dazzle with delight at your happiness. One thing though, yellow diamonds like to party all night. Is that ok with you? Cool, then wear your favorite yellow diamond ring and to party till dawn (of later)

Online Buying Tips : Yellow diamonds

Yellow diamonds are judged and sold on the same was as other colored diamonds, on the basis of the four Cs cut, clarity, color and carat weight. Of these four, the most important is the yellow diamonds color.

Why? Because thats why you are buying a yellow diamond for its amazing, heart pounding beauty and the magic it bestows on the luck lady (or man) that wears it.

Of course, you should take into consideration diamond quality and buy a certified diamond out of common sense. Is owning a fancy yellow diamond about common sense? Of course not! So stop worrying and let your intuition lead you to the yellow diamond in your life.